Graphic Design

After excelling in my art studies in high school and college, I progressed into the study of graphic design where I spent 4 years of being ‘tutored’ in the discipline of design.  I’ve now been a qualified and practising graphic designer for over 30 years. Although experience has taught me far more than I ever could have learnt from my tutors, which is probably true in any profession.

Over the years I have continually taught myself new skills by learning to use new software to create different types of graphics or illustrations for use in each design. From vector drawn illustrations to producing photorealistic 3D rendered images, there’s very little to do with producing graphics that I haven’t any experience with.

Below is just a small selection of the types of work I can help you with:

  • Logo & branding design

  • Design for print or online use

    • Advertising

    • Album covers
    • Book covers
    • Brochures & catalogues
    • Menus
    • Posters
    • Wedding invites
  • Designs for social media

    • Header/Banner/Profile images etc

    • Promotional ad designs
    • Animated video posts

Again this is only a very small sample of the kinds of design work that I can create for you, as I can help you with virtually anything that involves design or graphics.

Contact me for more information and pricing.

Below are some examples of my previous work.

YouTube banner

Here’s an image I produced for a new video channel being created by a guitarist and musician. The image needed to convey the theme of the channel which is primarily music with a bit of humour.

Album art

This was my first foray into creating artwork for a music album. For this job I wanted the drawing of Harry to speak for itself and tie in with the album title. The minimal use of colour really helps to maintain the simplicity of design that I wanted to achieve.

What’s the cost?

All prices exclude VAT

As with almost every other service that I provide, I can only provide an accurate quote when I fully know and understand the brief being given. I can however provide a few ballpark prices to give you a rough guide to how much my graphic design service costs.

  • Logo design from £50

  • Album cover design from £75

  • Brochure design from £100

Once the brief has been received it will be priced depending on the amount of work necessary, and higher quantity orders will receive substantial discounts.

Let’s work together

If you have any questions about the services we provide, please let us know and we’ll do our very best to answer them for you.